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Bed Bugs Control Melbourne

Bed bugs are small, nocturnal blood-sucking insects that live on bedding and furniture. Their bites can be itchy and irritating but do not cause other health issues. Contrary to a popular myth, they are not attracted to unsanitary conditions. This common household pest is drawn to the carbon dioxide emitted by its hosts.

Bed bug can live for more than a year and, during that time, can lay thousands of eggs. Therefore, if you think you have a bed bug problem, act quickly to control the level of infestation. Call the professionals at Pro Pest Control Melbourne. We combine years of experience with advanced chemical treatments to eliminate bedbug infestations before they become more widespread. Our technicians are fast, efficient and discreet.

We´ll make sure the bugs don´t bite anymore so you can get a good night’s sleep.

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Why Bed Bugs Are Considered Pests

Unlike many other household pests, bed bugs are not known to spread or transmit diseases. However, they can cause other problems. Allergic reactions to their bites can be severe, and there may also be secondary infections of the body. In addition, there can be mental health impacts on people living in infested homes, such as anxiety and insomnia.

Bed Bug Treatments

They reach their adult stage in 7-10 day life cycle. Once settled into a home or retail store, they leave itchy bites while we sleep. Get rid of these bugs for good with our dry vapour steam treatment. As an electrical appliance certified green solution, our steamers kill bugs and eggs on contact without any chemical residues.

Stop scratching those red colour marks today and contact us to schedule a detailed inspection. Our bed bug control experts can provide a fast solution to your problem.

How We Treat Bed Bugs

Our pest control experts are trained to detect and treat all types of bed bug problems. While every home and each situation is different, we follow our tried and tested bed bug control process.

  • Inspection

Our bed bug technicians will not only inspect the affected room, but they’ll also check adjacent rooms looking for bugs and the places where they like to hide.

  • Treatment Plan

We’ll ask you to strip the bed, including pillows and place them into sealed bags. Then put them in the washing machine and wash with hot water to kill bugs and their eggs per day. This allows us to get to work on the bed itself.

We’ll use a special High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Vacuum to remove any bugs and their eggs from your bed, followed by a steam clean of the mattress seam. Once dry, we’ll apply our specially formulated pesticides which are designed to kill these pests. We will also use these same techniques to clean around the bed.

  • Follow-up inspection

We’ll examine the bed and every other area we have previously inspected to ensure there are no signs of the bugs.

We will also provide you with prevention tips so bed bug won’t bother you again.

Common Bed Bug Species in Melbourne

The two main bed bug species found in Australia are:

  • Cimex Lectularius or Common Bed Bug – adults are typically the size of an apple seed and are long, brown, and flat with an oval-shaped body.
  • Hemipterus or Tropical Bed Bug – so called because it can thrive in tropical conditions. They are capable of travelling several metres to feed. It takes them up to five minutes to engorge on their host’s blood meal, after which they return to their hiding places.

Neither species has functional wings.

Common Signs of Infestation

How Do You Know If You Have A Bed Bug Problem?

Bed bugs are one of the most common household pests. They can quickly spread through a home and make you their food source. Detecting the pests can be challenging, but here are a few common signs that you may have a bed bug infestation.

  • Itchy red spots or bite marks on your skin welt.
  • An unfamiliar musty odour that comes from their scent glands. It is often likened to the smell of rotten raspberries.
  • Blood spots on your pillows or sheets. These are from bites or from squashing a bed bug.
  • Small brown spots on bedding or furniture (bed bug faecal matter)
  • Bed bug eggs in several places in your home
  • Blood stains, dark stains and/or faecal matter on your walls

How To Keep Bed Bugs at Bay: DIY Control and Prevention Tips

  • Clean up the clutter in your bedroom to reduce the number of places bed bugs can hide.
  • Regularly wash and heat-dry your bed sheets, bedspreads and blankets.
  • Be extra vigilant if you use shared laundry facilities. This is an ideal route for bed bug transmission.
  • Frequently vacuum carpets, rugs and hardwood floors. Then immediately empty the vacuum cleaner bag in an outdoor rubbish container.
  • Use mattress covers. They will kill any bed bugs already there as the pests cannot escape.
  • Wash new clothing purchases immediately to kill off any unwelcome guests who may have hitched a ride.
  • Use homemade sprays made from essential oils such as lavender and peppermint. Just add a few drops of the essential oil to the water, pour it into a spray bottle and spray over areas that can attract bed bugs.
  • Wash your clothes immediately after returning from travel.
  • Bed bug is also attracted to pets. So regularly inspect yours and the areas where they sleep.
  • Seal any cracks that can become hiding places.
  • Place bedroom furniture away from the walls. If beds and chairs are up against a wall, you make it easy for them to move to non-infested areas of your home.

Bed Bug Treatment Quotes


Do bed bugs spread diseases?

Bed bugs are not known to spread disease to humans. However, excessively scratching itches can increase the chance of a secondary skin infection.

How do bed bugs spread?

The wingless insects can crawl from one place to another or travel on clothing, pet hair, and in and on suitcases. So even if you don’t have bed bugs in your home environment, you can easily bring them in from your travels or a clothes shop.

Can you only find bed bugs in beds?

No. They can be found in numerous places, such as in the folds of curtains, on linens, in cracks and on clothing items.

Where do bed bug bites?

Bed bug can bite on any exposed skin area – they’re not fussy. This includes the face, arms, neck, back, legs and feet.

Do bed bugs jump?

No, they don’t jump, nor can they fly. Bed bugs get around by crawling and by attaching themselves to hosts.

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