Residential Pest Control

No matter how clean and tidy your Melbourne home is, you´re more likely to have unwanted visitors than you think. Whether it´s mice, rats, cockroaches, ants, fleas or spiders, your property may be vulnerable to invasion from all quarters.

Pest infestations are often a nightmare for homeowners. Property and structural damage are commonplace, and exposure to bacteria and disease can seriously affect your health. Therefore, it´s crucial to take action if you discover pests in your home or think you may be under attack.

Pro Pest Control Melbourne has been successfully getting rid of residential pest-related problems for years. We have built up a dedicated team of specialists with knowledge of all types of pests that plague Melbourne homes and how to get rid of them for good.

We provide highly efficient long-term solutions and targeted treatments that will protect the health of your family and the home you live in.

Common Pests

Our Pro Pest Control Melbourne experts are here to help you with all your residential pest control needs. We use environmentally safe pest control practices to deal with the most common pests in the Melbourne area.

Ants – among the most common species found in Australia are black ants, carpenter ants and garden ants. If ants find food in your home, they produce a scent trail that allows other ants to follow the route.

Cockroaches – one of the most common residential pests contaminates food, utensils and surfaces with their droppings. As omnivorous scavengers, they will devour any organic food supply they find, including meats, starches, greasy foods, hair and rotting matter.

Ticks and fleas – survive on blood and are typically found in the fur of pets and other animals.

Rats – spread disease and can cause widespread property destruction. Their strong teeth can damage electrical wires, pipes and wood structures. If there are rats in your home, the problem needs to be solved quickly to stop it from getting out of control.

Spiders – several types of spiders are found in Melbourne. They include long-bodied cellar spiders, sac spiders, jumping spiders and wolf spiders.

Where Pests Live

Pests come into Melbourne homes searching for three things: food, water and shelter. They are masters at finding places to lurk that will not be noticed. The most common rooms are:

Kitchen – a primary area for rodents and insects like cockroaches.

Living room – pests that make their way into living rooms include rodents and insects such as ticks that latch themselves to people and pets.

Bedrooms – good spots for insects to feed off fabricated areas and furnishings.

Lofts – insects and rodents. Infestations can spread when lofts are not visited or inspected regularly, causing widespread damage.

Basements – a common breeding ground for all manner of pests such as rats, mice, silverfish and ants. There are usually multiple entry points, and if the spaces are untidy and unkempt, they’re ideal breeding grounds for the unwelcome guests.

Gardens – soft soils, shaded spaces, trees, bushes and standing water are just some of the many factors that draw pests such as rats and flies to gardens.

Our Process

Regardless of the size of your home or where the pests are hiding, we´ll find them and eliminate the problem in no time. When you get in touch with our experts, we´ll respond quickly.

Pest Inspection

As soon as you make an appointment or give us a call, we´ll be round to your place within 24 hours. The first and important step is a pest inspection to give us a clear view of your current pest problems, the type of insects or animals spreading through your property and how they are getting in.


We´ll advise you of your options and give you our very best advice for solving the problem. We´ll also provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for eradicating your pest control issue.


We offer a wide range of treatments tailored to the specific type of pests in your Melbourne home. These can include spider web removal, interior and exterior treatments, wasp and bee nest removal and rodent control (baits, glue boards and more).


Once we have eliminated the pests from your property, we´ll furnish you with some handy tips on how to make sure they don´t return.

Our residential pest control services are available on a one-off or recurring basis.

Why Choose Us?

We are here to help you with all your residential needs. This is what sets us apart:

  • More than 10 years of residential experience
  • All types of residential pest problems solved
  • Our prices are extremely competitive
  • We use environmentally safe practices
  • Licensed and insured
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Transparent billing with no hidden charges
  • Free, no-obligation quote