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Termites are sneaky little insects that love to eat timber. They hide in your walls and floors where you can’t see them. Then they slowly eat your wood from the inside out, damaging your home.

Termite causes millions of dollars of damage to homes and businesses in Melbourne every year. Your home insurance probably won’t pay for termite damage either. That’s why preventative termite protection is so important!

If you see any signs of termites, call us right away! Don’t break open the damaged timber or disturb them. Just call the professionals at our company to schedule effective termite treatments. We have over 10 years of experience getting rid of termites in Melbourne. We’ll come do a full inspection of your home with our special tools. Then we’ll know exactly how to stop the them and prevent more damage. Protect your home from these destructive pests!

Call us at 07 5515 0220 if you see any indication so we can keep your home safe with our professional termite control services.

Signs You Need Termite Treatment

How can you tell if they might be hiding in your home? Watch out for these signs that you may need professional termite treatment:

  • Damaged Wood – If you tap on a piece of timber and it sounds hollow or bubbly, they may have eaten away inside it. Our inspectors check all the timber in and around your home.
  • Swarms of Flying Termites (Alates) – From October through March, you may see swarms of winged termites emerge. This likely means an established nest is somewhere on your property!
  • Mud Tunnels – They build leads, tiny mud tubes to travel safely to timber they want to infest. We look for these during inspections.
  • Soft Spots in Floors – If your flooring feels spongy or your vacuum sinks into it, they may be munching away underneath.

Call us at the first sign of termites for a professional inspection and treatment plan. We want to help save your home before those sneaky bugs cause too much damage!

What To Do If You Have Termites?

Just call us at 07 5515 0220 and we’ll have one of our termite inspection experts guide you on what to do next. We’ll book you an appointment as soon as possible. We’ll come do a full inspection of your property using high-tech tools to detect hidden termites.

Then we’ll know the full scope of how heavily they have infested your home. We will tailor a treatment specifically for your situation to stop them in their tracks and prevent future attacks. Don’t wait, call today!

Remember: The sooner you act, the less damage those hungry termites will do.

How Do We Treat Termites?

Once our termite inspectors fully check over areas including the roof void, subflooring (concrete slab), internal and external timbers, nearby trees, fences, retaining walls, and more, we determine the full scope of your infestation. We then customise the best treatment plan for your situation using proven termite elimination solutions:

  • Termidor – We apply this special targeted termiticide barrier in areas of need.
  • Termite Reticulation Systems – A targeted underground chemical barrier.
  • Termite Baiting Systems – These monitor and eliminate entire termite colonies.
  • Fumigation tents – For more heavy infestations, fumigation kills all termites at once.
  • Termite Barrier Treatment – Applying both physical and chemical barriers customised for your home.
  • Wood reinforcement – We can structurally repair and brace damaged wood after treatment.

Our integrated pest management focuses on extermination AND prevention. Our Termidor, reticulation, baiting, barrier and fumigation treatments aim to eradicate invasions completely while putting preventative measures in place to keep destructive bugs away for good! Call us to inspect and get a treatment recommendation tailored for your home.

Termite Prevention Tips

Along with professional termite control, there are some easy things homeowners can do to discourage them:

  1. Get rid of loose timber stacks, fences, and landscape timbers at ground level since they attract them.
  2. Keep garden beds away from vents and weep holes so no termite entry undetected.
  3. Raise any wood on metal supports so it has less ground contact.
  4. Fix any leaky faucets, pipes, showers, or tanks. They love moisture!
  5. Put down a barrier around the perimeter of your home.
  6. Call us for a regular termite inspection every 6-12 months to catch them early.

Termite FAQs

What appearance do termites have?

Termites resemble skinny pale insects with two straight antennae. Winged reproductive ones swarm in early spring. You may also spot mud tunnels up the external walls of infested homes.

What are the options to eliminate a termite infestation?

We use custom treatments like Termidor, baiting, fumigation and insecticide barriers for professional service.

I saw flying bugs near my home. Are they termites?

Possibly, if it is spring. Often clouds of alates emerge from mature nests to reproduce. Call for a regular inspection!

Do termites vary in size?

Yes, worker termites measure around 6 mm but soldier types are bigger to defend the nest. Winged ones reach over 10 mm.

How do pest control pros kill off termites?

We use targeted poisons, baits, fumigation and barrier sprays certified safe for indoor termite control.

What materials do termites consume?

They only feast on cellulose like wood and paper products, but can still critically damage homes this way.

Can termites damage my hardwood floors or furniture?

Unfortunately, yes. No wood is immune, which is why expert termite control is so important to protect investments.

Why Choose Trust Pest Control Melbourne?

  • 10+ years of trusted termite control
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  • Tailored termite pest control plans
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