15 Ways to Prevent Pests from Entering Your Home

Ways to Keep Your Home Free from Unwanted Pests

Those uninvited, annoying guests that seem to love setting up camp in our homes.

There’s nothing more frustrating and downright icky as seeing a cockroach scuttling across the floor or discovering a mouse has made itself at home in your pantry.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve had a run-in with these little invaders before.

Maybe right now? Well, worry not because Pro Pest Control Melbourne is here to help.

1. Fix Leaking Taps.

It turns out, that constant drip-drip from your tap isn’t just annoying and wasteful, it’s a hotbed attracting pests too. Bugs like cockroaches and silverfish thrive in damp areas. So by ignoring those leaks, you’re practically rolling out a welcome mat for them. To avoid playing host to an unwanted gathering, ensure all taps are properly fixed even the external of your air conditioning units.

2. Clear Drains on Food Leftovers.

Food waste clogging the drain might seem trivial until those gnats start flying about or rats dancing around like they own the place. These seemingly small bits of pet food items are Michelin-star quality meals for pests. Clear them out and keep those drainages clean. Thus eliminating this 5-star pest pad.

3. Wipe Down Benchtops and Food Preparation Areas.

This one seems like a bit burdensome task after having an enjoyable meal, isn’t it? But trust me when I say that leaving behind even the tiniest crumb can summon an army of ants overnight or even worse – cockroaches. A quick wipe down is all it takes to prevent these tiny gatecrashers from ruining our lives.

4. Store Dry Food and Stuff in Sealed Containers.

Do you usually leave water sources and food sources like cereal boxes, and cardboard boxes open or store rice bags openly? Well, let me tell you that mice consider this as universal open-buffet invitation letters. Instead store them tightly in airtight containers. Take charge and protect your favorite snacks-not just from pest attacks and rat droppings but also from getting stale and losing their fresh crunch.

5. Use a Bin with a Lid.

You might think that your trash doesn’t contain anything of interest, but for pest infestations, it’s an all you can eat buffet. Open bins are no less than party zones to them. Putting a lid on your bin keeps your trash out of sight and out of reach, making life less hospitable for these tiny terrorisers and avoid any damages.

6. Rinse Jars, Bottles, and Tins Before Recycling.

See those little spots on the bottom of your recycling bins? Yep, that’s pest paradise where they throw a party every single night. Troops of insects gather round to feast on those tiny leftovers in bottles or jars. Rinse them thoroughly before tossing them for recycling, and you’ll cut off their party supply and breeding ground.

7. Seal Them Out.

You may unknowingly be an excellent host providing easy entry points to pests. Cracks in doors or windows are like inviting gateways saying “Come in, make yourself at home”. So, get that sealant out and block all possible entries. No invite-no pests-simple as that.

8. Do Your Laundry.

Dirty laundry might not seem a big deal until bed bugs start crashing your comfort zone. These micro monsters love the cozy warmth of piled-up dirty clothes and turn them into their deluxe suites. Regularly washing your clothes helps maintain clean surroundings thus warding off these irritating invaders.

9. Use Plants as Natural Repellents.

Isn’t it wonderful when nature offers a solution to keep away unwanted nature? Yes indeed. Harness the power of fragrance-filled plants like lemon grass or marigold which serve as natural repellent stations against many common household pests such as mosquitoes and ticks.

10. Identify Common Pests in Your Area.

Knowing who your enemy can give you a tactical edge, wouldn’t you agree? Invest some time researching about pests endemic to your area so you can execute specific precautions against them. This way, these undesirables won’t even consider setting up camp. Remember knowledge is power-even when dealing with pesky intruders.

11. Trim Trees and Bushes that are Near Your Roof or Siding.

Believe it or not, that lovely tree limbs which provides a cool shade for your house could also furnish an easy access route for pests into your home. Tree branches and bushes are like bridges inviting spiders, squirrels, subterranean termites or ants straight onto your roof or siding, happily bypassing any ground-level defences you might have in place. Keep the greenery trimmed and wood piles away from your structures.

12. Cover Chimneys and Vents with Copper Mesh.

Little known fact that chimneys and vents are perfect gateways for birds, rodents, and bugs to enter your sanctuary. Doesn’t sound ideal at all. An easy fix here is to cover these openings with proper mesh which acts like a barrier, stopping the intruders before they settle in for good.

13. Caulk Windows and Doors.

Those tiny gaps around windows and doors might seem insignificant to us but to pests, it’s a red carpet entry into their new hiding spot. This problem gets an easy fix: caulk those gaps shut. It’s a small task with a big impact. Keeping you pest-free inside while also helping in energy savings.

14. Keep Garbage in a Closed Bin Away from the House.

Nothing attracts pests more than the aroma of last week’s leftovers wafting out of an open bin. Just as we maintain cleanliness inside our home, we need to extend this practice outdoors to pipes, foundations, and exterior walls too. By using closed bins placed away from the entire house you effectively eliminate this banquet attraction for vermin folk.

15. Remove Any Standing Water.

Just like us humans enjoy a relaxing pool day during summers, mosquitoes love their cool standing water ponds where they breed merrily be it puddles or pet bowls filled with water. Embrace vigilance and clear out any stagnant water around your place bringing peace back into your space. Adopt these proactive measures and keep your surroundings drier, making it less appealing to female mosquito opting for a nesting spot.


How often should I take preventative pest control measures?

It largely depends on where you live and the kind of pests endemic to that area. However, a regular check every month and regular clean using a good vacuum cleaner is advised to ensure early detection and prevention.

What natural remedies can be used for pest control?

There are many. Some plants like basil or lemongrass act as natural pest deterrents. Homemade sprays with vinegar or certain essential oils can also aid in keeping small pests away.

Are there specific seasons more prone to infestation by certain pests?

Absolutely. Different variety of pests have different prime seasons. For instance, mosquitoes proliferate in summers while rats often look for warm shelters during winters.


None of us likes unwelcome visitors, particularly those that scurry around uninvited at all hours causing havoc.

By taking preventive measures before an infestation occurs you save yourself from later headaches and health risks trying to dislodge these stubbornly settled interlopers.

Remember that clean habits discourage habitation by pests.

Start implementing these practices today and enjoy peaceful nights without scurrying sounds and bites-free blissful mornings.

Remember only guests you invite should feel at home in your house.