What Causes Pests to be More Active in Summer?

The Summer Season’s Influence on Increased Pest Activity

Each summer arrives with a set of challenges.

As we enjoy extended daylight and balmy heat, pests begin to thrive.

Understanding this connection can become a game-changer in keeping our spaces bug-free.

With the expert knowledge acquired over years from our team of pest control experts, we’ll demystify why pests seem to love summer months as much as we do and offer practical solutions.

1. Warm Weather

Well as it turns out, just like us humans with warm body temperature, pests and stinging insects also thrive in warm weather conditions. They start coming out of their hiding places because heaters aren’t exactly their cup of tea. So while you’re sunbathing and having watermelon fights in the backyard, pests like fruit flies and ants are prepping for their own summer fest.

2. Longer Days

Creepy crawlies and pesky annoyances ruin your much-anticipated barbecue session or just spoil your peaceful chilled night at the terrace. Well, longer days have a lot to do with this infestation. You see, pests are cold-blooded creatures that love hot climates. When the sun heats up, their bodies do too, prompting them into feverish activity.

3. Increased Food Supply

The arrival of warmer months means flourishing plants and fruits aplenty. An all-you-can-eat buffet for pests. This increased availability of food source makes them more active than ever and props up their productive output like crazy. Cleanliness is key. Seal those trash cans properly, clear fallen fruits from your yard regularly, and keep that kitchen spick and span to cut off their food supply.

4. Rain and Humidity

Do you notice an invasion of mosquitoes every time it rains heavily in warmer temperatures? It’s no coincidence because rain followed by high humidity provides optimal breeding conditions for many pest infestations. Prevent moist accumulation in any form around the house after heavy showers. Distributed water sources are equivalent to free love hotels for pests with longer life cycles. Get rid of standing sources in potted plants saucers or make sure rain gutters drain properly. Little adaptations can make a huge difference.

5. Ideal Breeding Conditions

You may have noticed insect populations like cockroaches partying in your kitchen or ants sighing over crumbs at your picnic table during this time. With warm weather, pests and other insect species find perfect breeding conditions. From mosquitoes to rats, they all can multiply their presence rapidly when the temperature goes above a pleasant room temperature level. Breaking this breeding cycle is possible with regular pest control measures. The more frequently you clean and sterilise your surroundings, the less attractive they become to the baby bugs. Think of cleanliness as a major buzzkill to a fertile insect’s plans.

6. Full Foliage

Shady trees and overgrown grass serve as perfect hideaways for creepy crawlies seeking refuge from the heat during the day only to show up when least expected. Trim down long grass and branches near windows or doors. Keep those bushes well-manicured not just for curb appeal but also so that ticks and fleas stay far from your lovely garden.

7. Bountiful Barbecues

Summer rolls around and suddenly it’s cookout season. Burgers on the grill, chilled drinks, and of course, much-needed quality time with friends or family. However, while you’re busy enjoying your barbecued steak or corn-on-the-cob, pests are having a feast of their own. The smell of food lures them in like moths to a flame. Invest in food covers to keep those unwanted guests away from your spread. An outdoor fan can also do wonders in keeping certain flying pests at bay.

8. Water Sources

During those sizzling summer days, we all appreciate a cold drink or a dip in the pool. They’ll flock to any location that provides sources–pools, birdbaths, pet dishes. Frequently change and refresh standing sources around your home or yard. It may seem like an inconvenient effort but trust me, it could save you from a pest annoyance later.

9. Decaying Fruits

Summer is synonymous with vibrant fruits ripening under the sun’s caress which admittedly is fantastic. Except for when they start decaying and serve as gourmet appetizers for pests. Bees or wasps buzzing around rotting fruit isn’t exactly conducive to peaceful backyard lounging. Regularly clean up fallen fruit from the ground to maintain inviting spaces during summer without any uninvited creepy crawlies.

10. Home Invasions

Unfortunately, even bugs tend to escape it by sneaking into cooler indoor spaces. Stay ahead of such invasions by installing door sweeps and fixing damaged screens on windows and doors. Regular cleaning and de-cluttering your space can also deter these unwanted home invaders. Yes, summer pest invasions can be annoying but with a little forethought and action, you’ll be well on your way to a bug-free season.


Can the increase in pest activity be a threat to my home?

Absolutely. Increased activity of pests like ants, termites, mosquitoes, or cockroaches may lead to an infestation. Such infestations can cause serious damage not just to your home but can also pose significant health risks.

What are some effective solutions to control these summertime pests?

You don’t have to spend your summer worrying about those pesky critters. Regularly clean your surroundings, eliminate stagnant sources and seal up any cracks or holes that serve as entry points for insects. For severe infestations, employing professional pest control services can be quite effective.

Is professional pest control necessary even when there’s a small infestation?

Yes. Pest issues might seem ‘small’ initially but remember these creatures reproduce rapidly, especially in summer. A small problem can quickly become an uncontrollable one before you know it. Professional pest controllers are trained to stop this before it happens.


It’s clear that summer, with its warmth, long days, and abundance of food, makes it the ultimate party season for pests.

While some of these critters may seem merely annoying, they can actually pose serious health risks to us and our loved ones.

Don’t let pests mar your summertime joy.

Make a proactive plan now with professional pest control services so you can truly relax and enjoy those beautiful summer days.