5 Reasons You Need Annual Termite Inspections  – Infographic

Learning  The Importance Of Conducting A Regular Termite Inspection

Termites can travel very far from their colonies. As a result, if your neighbor has termites, it can only be a matter of time before you do too. However, you won’t notice their presence until they have caused enough obvious damages to your home. You can also keep guard for their presence anyways – if you have the time to keep watch.

One sure way to avoid seeing termites all over your property is to have an annual termite inspection. A professional termite inspector will carry out a comprehensive inspection of every inch of your home, interior, and exterior to detect termite presence.

Avoiding termite inspection is not a smart move. In fact, it is quite the opposite. The infographic below contains a list of the five reasons why you should have annual termite inspections on your property.

5 Reasons You Need Annual Termite Inspections  - Infographic

1. Your property condition changes yearly 

Your activities around the yard or building, construction, and weather will change the conditions of your property every year. Unlike most homeowners, termites respond to these changing conditions to create ideal conditions for themselves. Sadly, unsuspecting homeowners help to create these conditions. For example, a renovation project or leaving a firewood stack too close to the property.

You must respond to these changes by ordering an annual termite inspection. Even if you performed a pre-purchase inspection, regular annual inspections let you nip termite problems in the bud. You will detect the problems early and take action before it goes out of hand or causes more significant damages.

2. Termite inspectors go where termites go, but you can’t

Termites can access any part of your home – if you let them. Even if you inspect your home for termites, there is a limit to where you can reach. On the other hand, a termite inspector will crawl into the roof void, subfloor area, and dark corners to check for termite activities. Termites often invade homes through discreet locations. As a result, it will go unnoticed if you don’t call an inspector.

Termite inspectors don’t only check your home. Instead, they will check the entire property. In other words, they will check your fences, garden, shed, trees, and any other structure close to your property. An annual inspection will catch any termite infestation before the damage progresses.

3. Value preservation in case of sale 

A regular annual termite inspection will help to preserve the value of your home. If you detect an infestation early, you can come up with a treatment plan. The value of a termite-infested building will drop drastically and leave you in deep losses.

A professional pest inspector will visit your property before sale to identify critical areas. If there are any, you will have to reduce the price of the property to cater for the repair or extermination. Depending on the severity, you may need to walk away from the sale. If you want to preserve the value of your home, you have to make sure that pests inspectors don’t find termites at the point of the property sale.

Termite inspections will cost you a little. However, the inspection is worth every dime. The alternative is to lose thousands of dollars to repair your property because you spotted the infestation late.

4. Identify potential problem areas 

A termite inspection is not all about looking for termites. Instead, we look out for potential problem areas and high-risk points that can attract termites to your doors. When the termite inspector notices any access point, they will recommend that you fix them to avoid future infestation.

Termites are always active. Although a drop in temperature can reduce their activity, they don’t have breaks. For example, winters are mild in Australia. As a result, termites are active in the summer and almost as active in the winter. As a result, it is better to identify high-risk areas before an infestation occurs.

5. Some lending institutions require it 

Some institutions require wood-destroying organisms inspection before they become a part of any investment or loan. This is because termite issues and infestation make a property a high-risk investment. As a result, you must carry out an annual inspection to familiarize yourself with the actual condition of your home. This way, you can make the changes that will aid in flipping your property for cash.


At the end of the day, an annual termite inspection from Pro Pest Control Melbourne offers peace of mind and a sense of assurance that your home is protected and still a valuable asset. Apart from discovering termite infestation, an inspection identifies high-risk areas and examines the entire property for changes that can encourage termite infestation.

Don’t wait till unwanted visitors invade your home before establishing a treatment program. If you haven’t inspected your home in the last 12 months, organize one so that you can examine your property, identify repairs, and budget for them. Even if your home still looks new and in perfect conditions, you never know what is lurking in the dark – termites, not the boogeyman.