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There is nothing as upsetting as having pests in your home. Whether you’ve got cockroaches or ants running around the kitchen, spiders on the ceiling or mice in the cupboards and other storage areas, it’s important that you find ways to eradicate them fast. This is because they can cause a whole lot of health problems for your family, not to mention the extensive damage they can cause to your home.

Here at Pro Pest Control Melbourne, we can help protect your home from the destructive effects of pests such as cockroaches, mice, squirrels, rats and rodents, spiders, termites, and ants as we have the perfect pest eradication solutions for you. From inspections to safe and effective treatments and exterminations, we guarantee a safe, effective, and professional job to ensure complete eradication of these harmful critters.

Our professional services in pest management treatments and fumigation’s are backed with over 10 years experience. We are also fully licensed, insured, and qualified to provide our exceptional pest treatment services throughout the city. We provide fast and affordable services that customers can rely on.

We offer great value for your money and our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our Pest Control Services

Residential Pest Control

  • Our residential pest control services are perfect for homeowners and prospective buyers.
  • By using powerful and yet safe pest eradication treatments, we are able to completely rid your home of these bugs.

Commercial Pest Control

  • We have a highly trained and experienced pest extermination team and use the best equipment and products to treat all pest infestations on commercial and industrial premises.

Building and Pest Inspection

  • We carry out building inspections and provide pre-purchase reports for first-time home buyers to ensure that the properties are completely free from pests and any damage that might have been caused by these harmful critters.

Termite Control

  • Termites can cause the worse destruction on your property. Our extermination team has access to the best quality equipment and products to ensure complete removal of these destructive pests.

Bed Bugs

  • We use high-quality treatment products and the best techniques to banish these pests irritating bugs from your home for good.


  • Through our expertise and use of commercial grade equipment and chemicals, we can eradicate these stubborn and harmful pests from your kitchen and the rest of the house/building forever.

Fleas and Flies

  • Besides spreading diseases and dirt around the house, fleas and flies can be irritating and stubborn to have around.
  • We use the most powerful and effective chemicals to banish these pests from your household forever.


  • From causing damage to your clothes and destroying stored food, mice can cause the worse destruction in your home, which is why we offer the best solutions to eliminate these irritating critters.


  • We use the latest technology to flush out these disease-causing parasites from your home


  • Although they are harmless, silverfish are unpleasant to have around.
  • We have the expertise to eliminate these slimy bugs from your all their habitats in your home or office building.


  • If your ceiling is infested with spiders, we have the most effective solutions to eradicate them completely

Rat and Rodents

  • Rats can colonize your residential and commercial property, causing the worse destructions ever. We use the most powerful chemicals and techniques to trap and kill these bugging pests.

White Ants

  • White ants are a constant threat to your home. We have most effective solutions to remove these stubborn mites from your home.


Why Choose Us?

  • We offer fast and affordable quotes
  • We are fully licensed and insured (with General Liability Insurance and Workman’s Compensation)
  • Our team is highly trained and qualified
  • We use commercial grade equipment and tools for all our treatment and extermination services
  • We use quality chemical products that are safe and eco-friendly
  • We are reliable and dependable
  • We guarantee satisfaction for all services
  • We offer complete protection for your residential and commercial property

Our Service Locations In Melbourne

  • Melbourne CBD & Inner City
  • Melbourne North East
  • Melbourne South and South East
  • Melbourne West & East
  • Bayside & Mornington Peninsula
  • Geelong


Call us today for fast, friendly, affordable, and reliable services and let us help you banish those bugging and harmful critters from your property forever.