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Welcome to Pro pest Control Melbourne, one of the leading pest experts in the metropolitan area.

We provide a professional and effective pest elimination services to homes and businesses. Our fully qualified staff are licensed by the State authorities to eradicate every kind of pest.

What is Pest Control?

As the title suggests, pest control is the extermination and prevention of all harmful pests on your property and in the surrounding area. This includes pests such as ants; fleas; mites; earwigs; silver fish; millipedes; flies; bed bugs; bird pests; cockroaches; beetles; dust mites; rodents; spiders; stinging and biting insects; rabbits; foxes; stored product pests; and of course – termites.

There is a variety of methods that is used for the management of pests. These include pre-construction termite prevention; baiting; fumigation; chemical soil treatment; reticulation systems, (perforated pipes laid around the property to facilitate fumigation); pest disinfection; pesticides (including and excluding fumigants).

Technicians must hold the relevant licences before they are permitted to use the various types of pesticides and other chemicals used in pest management. Licences are issued by the State of Victoria under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 to technicians who have attained an appropriate qualification. There can be up to three different types of pesticides stipulated on each licence.

Why do I need a pest control?

Are you building a house or a commercial building? These days it has become common practice to install  pre-construction termite and other pest prevention measures.

For existing properties, pests can cause serious damage. In particular, timber damage from termites can be catastrophic and stored produce can be spoiled by pests such as grain beetles and meal moths. There are also many pests that can become a serious health hazard for those who live or work in an infested building. So it is essential for all homes and businesses to have adequate pest treatment plans.

Although there are certain measures that you can take yourself, generally speaking, pest management is better left to the experts. This is particularly so as most pesticides and other chemicals can only be used by qualified technicians who hold the appropriate licences.

Home and business owners may not be always aware of any pest infestations in their property. It is only by arranging for a professional pest inspection, that you can really know the extent, if any, of an infestation.

Our Services

Pro Pest Control Melbourne has the no-how and the qualified technicians to handle pest management for homes and commercial property.

We have many years of experience in dealing with every kind of problem. No job is too small or too big and we offer our wide range of services to residential dwellings as well as commercial and public buildings.

Our services include:

  • Pest inspections

Whether you are buying a property or you already own it, we can carry out a professional inspection of any type of building. We will ascertain the extent of termite or other pest activity and examine the amount of damage. Our timber pest inspection report will identify whether there are any pests in the property or in the grounds nearby. We will also determine whether the damage caused by termites and other insects or from fungal decay has rendered any parts of the structure unsafe.

  • Pre-Construction Termite Protection

It has been estimated that 25% of buildings in Australia will be attacked by termites at some time or other during their life. To counter this risk, more and more buildings are built to include pre-construction Termite protection. This means that we build a physical barrier that will keep out termites and provide long-term protection for the new building.

  • Ongoing Termite Protection

After determining the extent (if any) of termite infestation, we will protect your property by implementing a termite baiting programme. This entails the construction of ‘baiting stations’. Termites will then pick up the bait and carry the bait back to their nests where it will destroy all the termites. The bait stations will be regularly monitored for effectiveness. In addition, we can apply chemical soil treatment around the perimeter of your property to prevent termite entry. We can also install a reticulation system.

  • Fumigation

Pro Pest Control Melbourne has access to all the latest pest products and fumigants. We will select the best fumigation treatment to solve your problem. Whether you have mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, spiders, rats or termites, we have the solution. Fumigation is particularly effective against beetles, weevils, mites and moths that have infested stored products.

We can also offer fumigation services to shipping consignments, cargo, warehouses, milling and agriculture.

  • Bird Treatments

Treating bird migratory habits on your property and preventing contamination is a difficult business. Only an expert understands how to get rid of the birds which are creating infestations without harming them or disrupting other birds. Our qualified bird technicians will deploy humane bird management systems to make your bird-mess clean ups a thing of the past.

  • Pest Disinfection Service

Insects, rats and birds can carry E.coli and salmonella which can be passed on to your family, staff and pets. Airborne allergens can cause serious allergic reactions and harmful bacteria can be spread by bad hand hygiene.

Our non-toxic disinfection service will target these and other harmful diseases and it is completely safe for you and your pets.

Why choose us?

Pro Pest Control Melbourne has had many years of experience in providing pest treatments across the Southern regions of Victoria. We only employ the most experienced, highly trained technicians. All our staff are properly accredited with the Department of Health; and every technician holds a licence to carry out each of their specialised services.

Our Mission is to bring professionalism, integrity and the highest possible standards to each and every job.

Our Vision is to become the name on everyone’s lips in Melbourne when it comes to pest prevention

Not only do we deliver an unbeatable service, but out prices are highly competitive. We doubt you will find a cheaper quote in Victoria State. So give us a call today and we will be pleased to discuss a pest treatment that will fit your particular needs.